• finding the fun in every class

  • keep class flowing and kids moving

  • find a balance between instruction and play

  • encourage everyone to participate

    • understand that everyone works at a differet pace- gentle encouragement

  • focus on the kids participating on the field- attend to others during water breaks 

  • review and understand curricullum before class

  • teach/show accurate technique

  • focus on learned skill each week

  • keep games interactive and fun

  • get a feel for pace of class- know when to spend more time on something and when to move on

    • challenge kids w/ advanced skills occassionaly

    • slow games down if necessary 

  • interact with kids throughout the class

    • play WITH them

    • get right in the middle of them

  • continuous encouragement

  • manage the tempo of the class

  • patience, kindness, gentleness, LOVE

  • smile and enjoy class!

Coach Responsibilities


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