Class Descriptions

All classes, please note:


With any aged class, parent help is welcomed when needed.  You will not be in the way if you are on the field helping out. The only time we require you to stay on the sideline is if we are scrimmaging.  If your child is doing fine on their own, great!  But we understand that kids work at different paces and it may take a few classes for them to be comfortable participating on their own.  Feel free to participate with them until they gain the confidence to get out there by themselves :)


Also, if your child is struggling with a game or skill, feel free to help out as well.  Or if it's just an "off" day, we really encourage parent assistance so the rest of the class can flow smoothly.  


Every class is different depending on the make up of kids. Our coaches will work hard to meet the needs of the class whether they are a little behind or ahead of other classes. We want them to learn but also keep it fun. Thank you for understanding!

The class ages listed below seem to work the best as far as skill/development level but they are meant to be flexible.  It is completely fine if you need to move up or down an age group to better fit your child's needs. We go over learned skills at every class so if you are signing up for the first time, you are not behind!  Every class is different based on the makeup of kids and our coaches will do their best to tailor the lesson to each class's needs.


"itty bitties"

1.5- young 2 parent

25-30 min


A parent participation class focusing on movement and fun incorporating basic pre-soccer skills.  In these 30 minute classes we introduce dribbling and kicking the ball.  We do a lot of activities without the soccer ball that focus on balance and movement.  This is a very beginner class recommended for kids that are already active at home and looking for a fun activity!  Parents are encouraged to go through all movements/games with your child.

older 2 parent

30-35 min

A parent participation class focusing on more advanced motor skills and soccer techniques. Following directions, listening and awareness of others are stressed.  We start playing more games with the soccer ball and encourage imagination and fun!  Parents are encouraged to participate with your child throughout the class.  With parent participation, our coaches can spend more time teaching/helping your kids and keeping them engaged :)

young 3

35-40 min

Parents are encouraged to help out when needed.  Feel free to participate on the field with your child- you are not in the way, we promise!  This class continues working on following directions, listening and awareness.  We start working on more soccer skills such as dribbling, passing and shooting.  We use a combination of purely fun games and soccer related games to keep the kids active and engaged.  Kids are pretty active at this age so we use a variety of techniques with and without the soccer ball to keep them focused and having fun!  

older 3 

40-45 min

Parents are encouraged to help out when needed.   This is still a beginning class stressing basic soccer skills such as dribbling, passing, and shooting in a fun, low-competition environment.  Kids are typically able to work longer on specific skills than the young 3s.  We start playing more advanced but fun games with the soccer ball to continue development of soccer skills.  The concept of a real game of soccer will be introduced.  We use our imaginations often while incorporating the soccer ball more and more!  

young 4

40-45 min


Kids are getting more familiar with their soccer skills.  We introduce attacking, defending and 1v1s and start taking these skills to more of a game like situation.  We start to work on "scrimmaging" and letting the kids play in an open field environment. Beginners are welcome as we review learned skills at every class and devote plenty of time to practicing these skills. We do a lot of 1v1s to help kids get comfortable with having the ball taken away from them and getting more familiar with the field. Sportsmanship is ALWAYS encouraged to help them adjust to a real game. 

older 4/5

45 min


For the older kids who are looking to gain more confidence in their soccer abilities. We focus on fun, sportsmanship and teamwork while working on improving soccer skills. Although some kids have been playing soccer for several seasons, we always go over skills and proper technique so no one is left behind. We continue work on attacking, defending and 1v1 situations. We let the kids practice these skills with imaginative games and scrimmaging opportunities. We encourage kids to work together to achieve their goals! 

older 5/6

45 min


Our oldest class is designed for both returning players and first-time soccer players interested in learning the game! We have many kids that aren’t quite ready to play in a local league that benefit tremendously from this class. Classes are intended to give kids plenty of time to have their foot on the ball and better prepare them for real games. We work on more advanced skills with a heavy focus on scrimmaging. Kids will incorporate higher level skills into the game while continuing the FUN curriculum unique to Hot Shots! We make sure no one is left behind while continuing to advance our soccer skills!