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How do I register?


Registration opens in August for our Fall season. Classes start in September. Registration opens in January for our Spring season. Classes start end of Feb/early March! Once the schedule is posted for that season, click the 'Register' tab and then select the program you would like to sign up for. Then fill out the registration form online. Once your form is submitted your registration will be reviewed for class placement. We will send out class assignments 1-2 weeks before class starts.

When do I find out my class assignment?


You will receive your finalized class assignment 1-2 weeks before class starts.  If you need to know prior to that, shoot us an email, and we will do our best to tell you as early as possible.  There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to get everyone in a class, adding new classes and accommodating requests.


How do I pay?

You can pay online when you complete your registration form. We also accept cash or check.

Checks are made payable to 'Hot Shots Soccer' and can be turned in at class. Payment must be received before participation in class.

What is the cost?


Check out your division's page for class prices (College Station/ Tomball). Full payment for 8 weeks of class is due at your first class session.  T-shirts and medals are optional for sale.  There is a sibling discount available as well.  



Where do I go?


College Station 

Southern Oaks Park (Shenandoah subdivision off of Southern Plantation and Alexandria):

1398 Southern Plantation Dr, College Station, TX 77845

Click here for a map to the field



Juergens Park:

1331 Ulrich Road Tomball, TX 77375 

Click here for a map to the field

What do I need to bring?


  • Shoes - Any closed-toe, athletic-type shoes will work. Cleats are better for older kids who are scrimmaging.

  • Shinguards -These are only encouraged for older kids who are scrimmaging- 4s and up (not required but recommended)

  • Water/drinks - Please bring plenty of water that the kids have easy access to.  Water breaks will be provided often.

  • DO NOT BRING A BALL! We will provide all the balls for class to eliminate fights over "that's my ball!" Trust me- it will happen if you bring your own ball :) Feel free to keep your ball on the sideline or keep it at home for practice.


Do I need shin guards and cleats?


4 year old classes and up: We suggest kids wear cleats and shinguards but they are not required.  It will help them quite a bit when we start scrimmaging. If you want to wait until after the first class before you decide to purchase, that is fine too. 


1.5 yr olds to 3 yr olds: You do not need cleats and shinguards. If you already have them, great! Feel free to wear them.  If you do not have them already, there's no need to go out and buy them.  Athletic shoes will work just fine.


What can I do with my other kids during class?


If you have little ones with you in a parent participation class, feel free to bring them along with you.  As long as they are not disrupting the class, we are pretty flexible!  We have had several moms in parent participation classes with newborns.  Try and participate when you can and feel free to step aside and do whatever you need with your newborn throughout the class. If a second parent is able to come, that's great, but we can make it work if not.


Do we play any games?


Hot Shots Soccer is not a soccer league.  We offer once a week classes to introduce the game of soccer to younger kids and allow older kids an opportunity to develop their skills.  Although we don't have scheduled games, we do provide our older kid classes opportunities to scrimmage at the end of class once they are ready.  

Do we have a uniform?


We do not have any uniform requirements for our classes.  A Hot Shots t-shirt is available for sale and can be worn at class, at our Hot Shots events or any day of the week!  We recommend your child wears athletic clothes and shoes that they can move around in easily.  

Can I sign up for more than one class?


You are allowed to sign up for more than one class a week as long as there is space in the requested classes.  If there is someone that is not in a class yet, they will have priority getting into the class over someone that is registering for two classes.  If you do sign up for two classes, the class payment is double for taking two class spots.

My child is not participating, what should I do?


This is very common.  We have had a ton of shy kids come through Hot Shots and about 90% of them have blossomed with self confidence as the season progressed.  The first class can be intimidating so we encourage you to participate with your child if they won't leave your leg.  If they need to take a few minutes on the sideline watching the other kids, that is fine too.  If they need to take the whole first class off, watching from the sideline, that's fine as well!  Our coaches will check in frequently with your child to see if they would like to participate in the next fun game but there is no pressure.  It may take a few tries from our coaches but oftentimes the shy kids will eventually venture out with mom and have a blast.  Every child's comfort level is different and we completely understand.  If the first week is a complete miss, we strongly encourage you to come out to give the 2nd and 3rd week a shot before you make any decisions.  There is no reason to be embarrassed or upset that your child is not participating!  We will do everything we can to help them make the transition.  Hot Shots is a lot of fun and we want all of our kids to feel confident and leave with smiles after every class!  If it's absolutely not working out, we can discuss other options at that time.   


What if I miss a class, can I do a make up?


We do allow make ups as long as there is room in the class you are trying to join. You must send us an email with your make up class request and we will confirm whether there is room or not.

When is the next session?


We currently offer two seasons a year- Fall and Spring.  Each session is 8 weeks long.  

What about the weather?


We will cancel if it's raining hard or there is a safety issue.  We will send out an email as soon as we can letting you know of a cancellation.  Sometimes it will be a class time decision but we will try and inform you as early as possible. If you have not received an email, plan on class still being on!  If we are cancelled, we will do our best to reschedule shortly after depending on your coach's availability.  If we are unable to reschedule shortly after, we will do our best to make it up by the end of the season- possibly on a weekend or another week day.

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