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About Us

We provide youth soccer classes in a fun, healthy environment with a structured curriculum focused on introducing the game of soccer and advancing soccer skills for 18 month to 6 year olds. We strive to instill self-confidence and love for the game in your little one!


To create a positive, healthy environment that emphasizes the fun in the game, develops age-appropriate skills, fosters imagination, promotes team values and builds self confidence in our youth.


What is Hot Shots all about?

We currently offer classes to kids ranging from 18 months to 6 yrs old.  During our Fall and Spring seasons, class meets once-a-week for 8 weeks.  Our younger classes learn the basic skills of soccer and play fun, active games both with and without the soccer ball.  Our goal is to introduce soccer in a fun environment that keeps them coming back for more!  Our older classes continue work on the basic soccer skills while introducing the game of soccer, attacking, defending and 1v1 situations.  We do not have any scheduled games or participate in a league.  We meet once-a-week with your class/teammates to continue working on learned skills through active games and scrimmages.  Our coaches share a love for soccer and working with kids.  They are trained to teach accurate soccer techniques at every class with a heavy emphasis on finding the fun in the game.  Every coach is responsible for following the assigned curriculum while remaining flexible and understanding the needs of their class.  We hope your kids leave with big smiles, looking forward to the next class!


girl playing soccer

We started offering classes in the Bryan/College Station area and have since grown to the Tomball/Cypress area! We hope to continue growing our program to other areas in hopes of reaching more kids and sharing our love for soccer with them. 


Why should I sign up for soccer so young?

We think Hot Shots Soccer should be your little one's first experience into youth sports. Why? Because our program is about so much more than just the game of soccer. We want to be your first and overall best youth sports experience introducing your kids to an active lifestyle in a fun way. What better way to start being active, than to participate in fun drills and games with mom/dad/grandma/grandpa/aunt/uncle out at the soccer field! Our littlest classes focus on coordination, balance, listening, following direction and just having fun, all while introducing the soccer ball. So yes, we want to share our love for soccer with them because it truly is a great sport, but more importantly we want to build their confidence, help them bond with family while learning new skills and get them moving! It is so important to introduce our kids to an active lifestyle at a young age so they continue a healthy lifestyle as they grow up. We believe Hot Shots Soccer is the best way to have fun outside, stay active, learn all the important life lessons that tie into youth sports, all in a family-friendly environment. We love having the opportunity to work with our youngest age groups (18 month-young 2s) in a mommy-and-me class setting. Watching your itty bitties grow throughout the program is one of our biggest joys! We have seen so many successful 5 and 6 year olds leave Hot Shots ready to take on their next adventure whether it be soccer, another sport or any activity of their choice. Our goal is to build them up to be confident stars on and off the field and continue with that mindset onto their next endeavor. Soccer is just our favorite way of accomplishing these goals :)


What makes Hot Shots unique to other programs?

The heart behind this program is first and foremost to love on your kids. We understand the importance a coach can have on a young person's life. It is a huge responsibility that we do not take lightly. Because of this, all of our coaches are paid and we hold them to a higher standard than recreational programs. All coaches are given a structured curriculum to follow for every age group, every week of the season. With a curriculum, there is also room to tailor games/lessons to best fit the needs of a class. Every child and every class is different and unique and we teach our coaches to understand the personalities and skill level of their classes and make adjustments as needed. We look for coaches that share both a love for working with kids AND a love for the game of soccer. We cherish the unique opportunity to work with boys and girls of different ages, sizes, abilities, backgrounds, cultures and connect them through the beautiful game of soccer. We want all of our kids to know that they are loved and appreciated. We hope to build them up with positivity every class, show them how much we care about them and never let them doubt themselves. We want to inspire them to keep trying and keep smiling and show them how much fun soccer can be!

A little about me...

Rachel Raley

Owner/Coach/Director of BCS Division


I am a graduate of Texas A&M (2011) and I played for the Texas A&M Women's Soccer team for four years (2007-2010), with the last name of Shipley.  Although I graduated with a degree in Finance on track for a career in the business world, I decided I couldn't leave the game I loved.  After much thought and prayer, I felt led to stay in College Station to continue coaching and working with kids. Upon graduation, I was fortunate enough to purchase the program, taking over as owner, learning with every new season under my belt. 12 years later, I'm entering my 24th season as coach and owner. This game has brought me so much joy in my lifetime and I hope to share that joy with as many littles as I can. You can still find me today jumping at any opportunity to play. My husband, Brooks, has supported my dreams of playing to now coaching from the very beginning and now we have 4 babies of our own. Our 3 girls are currently in Hot Shots as well (and loving it!) and our baby boy is anxiously waiting for his turn. I've coached competitive soccer, worked many clinics and private lessons and taught thousands of Hot Shots classes. I feel very blessed and honored to have the opportunity to work with your kids. I appreciate all the support I've received along the journey and hope to make improvements with each and every season to make Hot Shots enjoyable, instructive and fun for everyone involved.

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